September 8, 2011
Two Heads Better than One

Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea names a new Co-CEO to share duties with Doug Zell. Read the full story on the Diner’s Journal.

- Oliver Strand

June 7, 2011
Stumptown in the News

An aggregate of stories on Stumptown and TSG Consumer Partners.

New York Times: Yesterday’s post in the Diner’s Journal looks at TSG’s interest in Blue Bottle, la Colombe, Counter Culture and Joe, and that TSG might have taken a 90% stake in Stumptown; it’s an update of last week’s post.

Wilamette Week: First posted the news that TSG might have taken 90% stake in Stumptown; also was first to draw a connection between TSG and Stumptown, and to quote Stumptown representatives.

KGW: a news segment from a Portland television station that asked locals if they will keep drinking, and asked experts what it will mean for the city’s economy.

Business Journals: The International Business Times is taking note (and filing the stories under “Luxury & Brands”), as is the Portland Business Journal (will the influx of capital help Portland? what is TSG’s track record?) and the San Francisco Business Times.

The Elsewhere: Eater PDX posted three pieces (so far) under the tag Stumptowngate 2011, muses about the buying spree, Oregon Live wonders what “own” means, the Village Voice tries to sort it out (and tosses in the news of new Blue Bottle locations opening in New York), the New York Press asks the obvious, Gothamist looses it, and calls it the “Story that Won’t Die.”

And there’s the post that started it all, Todd Carmichael’s column for

- Oliver Strand

June 6, 2011
Stumptown’s Investor Shows Interest in Other Coffee Companies

TSG Consumer Partners, Stumptown’s investor, also approached Blue Bottle, la Colombe, Counter Culture, Joe. Read about it on the Diner’s Journal.

- Oliver Strand

June 2, 2011
Stumptown To Expand

There’s more on Stumptown over on the Diner’s Journal, and what the coffee company is going to do with the recent investment from TSG Consumer Partners, the private equity group: open a pair of coffee bars in Brooklyn; add a bottling facility for Stumptown “stubbies" in Red Hook; and look to open a roaster in Chicago and another in San Francisco.

- Oliver Strand

May 2, 2011
Bluebird Sold, Will Reopen

A post on the Diner’s Journal confirms that Bluebird Coffee Shop was sold, will reopen later this week under new ownership and with a new staff.

- Oliver Strand

April 12, 2011
Honey, Smoked Sea Salt, Grapefruit Peel

Over on the Diner’s Journal, Philip Search, the Northeast Regional Barista Champion, explains what went into those champagne flutes on Sunday.

- Oliver Strand

March 16, 2011
Sing it Loud

Over on the Diner’s Journal: “Coffee: The Musical.”

- Oliver Strand

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